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27th August 2005

petitebelette1:09am: another totally extravagant and fake application processCollapse )
Current Mood: amused

ryokojesse12:55am: Hallo
Hi, I'm Amanda, the one who likes spiffy glasses (and finally got a pair of her own)

As a tentative veteran of the DLA (as in slightly returning after taking a long hiatus) I will be seen posting on this community thanks to Stars (<3) and her gentle, friendly ways.

Duty? cowriting the beginning with Stars, cause I cant fully leave these guys.

:waves: Hi girls and boys!

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26th August 2005

deecaffeinated9:23pm: lol extravagant application processes
HXC D/G BIOCollapse )

Note: This is me with too much time on my hands and the urge to mock rating communities. Love you gals.
-D, who is a silly bitch

PS: This also definitely has nothing to do with Draco. Well... my icon does! YAY, getting crunk with Krum. "Krumk", if you will?
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petitebelette12:47am: Brief #1

Brief #1

Guess what?

According to The Leaky Cauldron, Tom Felton has made a statement about his continuation as Draco in the films, saying the following:

"I'll keep doing it as long as they want me to. I'm not overly fussed, it's not my 100 percent chosen life career. If they do decide to get a new cast, it's OK, fair enough, on to bigger and better things, but as long as they want me to do it I'm more than happy to trailer on."

Secondly, this is totally late-coming, but here's the first Draco picture from GoF, it's under the cut. Credit goes to The Leaky Cauldron.


The Draco Malfoy Series Sneak Peek

Whenever we feel like it we're going to throw you all a little teaser...

Chapter Three
Beneath his small fingers, a gold-plated snitch twitched. It breathed against his skin, the magic tight and ready to burst. He wanted so badly to let it free, fly for it, win the feeling of victory. He imagined catching a snitch to be the most rewarding thing of all, especially in the power the event held. His father had always shown power to be a significant and necessary element of life. Draco’s naïve, reckless heart wished so badly to know why it was so incredibly influential, while his mind only thought of challenging Blaise to seeker one-on-one as soon as possible.

Ginny squealed by Draco’s ear and the crowd of children rose with excited chatter. Each raced to his or her broom suddenly, Draco’s mind being forced to jump back to reality. Blaise kicked him with a snarky look.

“Are you coming or what?”

The blonde shook his head and a glint spun itself into his eyes. “You should’ve taken the lead, Blaise. You’ll need it.”

“What do you mean?”

The tiny snitch exposed itself, blazing in the late afternoon sunlight and desperate against Draco’s grasp. “You’re going to have to catch this.”

Look out for the real thing! Our Prologue is only a step away from being released!

If anyone has anything Draco related to contribute to these Updates, please comment! It would be greatly appreciated!
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14th August 2005

petitebelette8:51pm: The DLA

Welcome to...
The Draco Lovers Association

What is The DLA?
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (well, really, over a past summer and on the internet at Portkey), there lived (they spend that much time there) four girls. These four girls were good friends over at the forums, and they all really loved Draco, most importantly.

There was Amanda, who loves spiffy glasses, and Crystal, who loves the word masterful, Daniela, who is supercool, and Tina, who has an evil alternate personality named The Pink. One day, a quite ordinary day of rabid posting, they all found themselves speaking of being the very first on line to buy a series called, The Draco Malfoy Series, for they all agreed anything staring the loffly blonde Slytherin is much better than that scar-faced kid.

Tina called first, then Crystal second, until Amanda pushed Tina out of way... But that's a whole other story.

The point is, Daniela, the genius she is, proposed an idea.

What if, we ourselves, wrote The Draco Malfoy Series?

All four agreed that this was a masterful idea. A whole series of Draco, Draco, and more Draco? It had to be too good to be true. But, it wasn't.

Of course, then came the problem of finding a name for ourselves, which was quite creatively thought of by Amanda: we all love Draco, so The Draco Lovers Association was perfect.

And so, The DLA was formed.

Ever since, The DLA has been working on and writing The Draco Malfoy Series, in tandem with other awesome Draco-related projects.

What is this community for?
This community is a DLA haven for fans of the Series and/or The DLA's other projects, as well as a haven for us, The DLA. Here you can find sneak peeks to upcoming projects and to the series and updates on the projects, along with everything and anything Draco-related.

How can I join?
Simply go to our about section and click the link to join. This community is open to all members, although the only members with posting access are members of The DLA.


1.) Do not type LiKe tHiS and avoid using netspeak.

2.) Please be respectful and courteous of others. While debating and discussion is encouraged in proper entries, do not bash on others. Provide reasons and evidence for your opinions politely. This is meant to be a friendly site.

3.) DO NOT hotlink any media items (i.e. icons, banners, music) posted in this community.

4.) Even further DO NOT repost/quote/reproduce/discuss any material The DLA has made or written on any external website/community/LJ without explicit permission.

Confused? Have any question or comments for The DLA?

Check our about section, comment here, or contact one of us via LiveJournal:

Tina ( ohappyfair )
Crystal ( petitebelette )
Daniela ( deecaffeinated )
Amanda ( ryokojesse )
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